What We Do

Plex Research is the Boston area start-up that's transforming the humble search bar into a drug discovery powerhouse. Our search engine will scour all the world's biomedical research data, and find the bit you were looking for.

The sky's the limit.

The time is right for a drug discovery search engine: massive amounts of complex data are available, but hard to access, and each with its own caveats and levels of confidence. Our search engine cuts through all of that and gives you the best answer for your query, based on all available data. The results are simple, and all the supporting data is included, so you can come to your own conclusions.

Find the data, then let it speak for itself.

Some of the query ⇒ result modes that will be supported:

  • Compound ⇒ Targets/Mechanism of Action (MoA)
  • Target/MoA ⇒ Compounds
  • Compound ⇒ Biological effects (e.g therapeutic indication, toxicity, pathway/biomarker modulation)
  • Biological effects ⇒ Compound

Some drug discovery applications:

  • Analyses of compound mechanism of action/toxicity
  • Hit selection/characterization/prioritization
  • Lead optimization
  • Drug repurposing
  • Chemical library characterization
  • Generation of focused screening sets for selected targets, pathways, therapeutic indications, and phenotypes

Want to help us build it? Then join our team! Check out our open positions and then shoot us an email at [email protected] to get the conversation started.